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Westbridge and Our Mission

“Through teamwork and ingenuity, Westbridge is dedicated to forming prosperous partnerships to produce and deliver environmentally-sound agricultural, lawn, garden, and industrial products”.

Beginning with our formation in 1982, the mission of Westbridge has been to develop and manufacture environmentally safe products for agriculture, turf, lawn and garden.

Our mission has since expanded to include a line of odor control and bioremediation products for agriculture, industrial, and municipal wastes using the same sound scientific methods and an overall bio-rational focus.

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Westbridge and Agriculture

Today, growers can call on biological products that are highly targeted, very effective, and safe for workers, consumers, and the environment.

The Westbridge product line includes proprietary formulations based primarily on microbial fermentations and plant extracts, micronutrient blends of primary and complexed secondary nutrients, natural humates and other organic substances with growth-promoting activity. Westbridge also manufactures traditional and organic fertilizers.

Westbridge and the Environment

As the world’s population increases, our ability to position industrial and agricultural production in proximity to population centers becomes an issue. Development and delivery of clean water and control of emissions and pollutants are now critical issues both in the United States and abroad.

Westbridge is at the forefront of emerging fields of environmental quality and bioremediation, and designing natural products to treat and deodorize sewage, industrial wastewater, livestock and crop wastes.

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Westbridge and Manufacturing / Formulation

Experience is the key!

For more than thirty-one years, Westbridge has formulated and manufactured high-quality liquid biological products.

A constant emphasis on quality assurance and customer service ensures that all products meet customer’s specifications from concept to market.

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Westbridge and Quality Control

In addition to the strict Quality Control measures currently in place, Westbridge has adopted a more stringent product safety policy. Westbridge has voluntarily implemented independent laboratory testing to verify that all products are pathogen-free to ensure food safety.