Westbridge and Our Mission

Beginning with our formation in 1982, Westbridge has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing and delivering effective plant nutrients, biopesticides and specialty inputs for both organic and conventional farming. Today, growers can count on Westbridge products to be highly targeted, very effective and environmentally safe.

Westbridge and AgricultureWestbridge and Agriculture

Westbridge provides a portfolio of high quality and sustainable products designed to meet today’s crop production challenges. The Westbridge product line includes proprietary formulations based primarily on microbial fermentations and plant extracts, micronutrient blends of primary and complexed secondary nutrients, natural humates and other organically approved products designed to improve crop quality and yield.

Westbridge and the EnvironmentWestbridge and the Environment

Westbridge is committed to offering products that are safe for workers, consumers and the environment. Westbridge products improve nutrient and water uptake and help to maintain natural soil fertility by enhancing the balance of natural microorganisms in the soil. They do not have toxic residues nor contain excess nitrogen or phosphorus, all of which contribute to groundwater contamination. All products are safe for bees and other beneficial insects.

Westbridge and Manufacturing / FormulationWestbridge and Manufacturing / Formulation

For more than thirty-seven years, Westbridge’s production and development team has been at the forefront of formulating and manufacturing high-quality products. A constant emphasis on quality assurance and customer service ensures that all products meet customer’s specifications from concept to market.

Westbridge and Quality Control

In addition to strict internal quality control measures, Westbridge has adopted a more stringent product safety policy. Westbridge voluntarily implemented independent laboratory testing to verify that all products are pathogen-free to ensure food safety. Organic nitrogen products are Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified.