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Company Information

Westbridge Agricultural Products
1260 Avenida Chelsea
Vista, CA 92081 USA

(800) 876-2767 Toll Free
(760) 599-8855 Telephone
(760) 599-6965 Fax

Email: wrg@westbridge.com

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Company Directory
Company Directory TinaMichael Ewald
Chief Financial Officer and Interim President
Email: michael.ewald@westbridge.com


Company Directory TinaLarry Parker, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Development
Email: larry.parker@westbridge.com


Company Directory AndyAndy Hudson, Ph.D.
Director of Quality Control/Research Scientist
Email: andy.hudson@westbridge.com


Company Directory TinaIvonne Sanchez
Regulatory Manager
Email: ivonne.sanchez@westbridge.com


Company Directory MargaretMargaret Lewis
Marketing Manager
Email: margaret.lewis@westbridge.com


Company Directory TinaJavier Lopez
Production Manager
Email: javier.lopez@westbridge.com


   Regional Sales Representatives

Westbridge Regional SalesMapLarry Parker — Vista, CA
Mobile: (760) 518-6647
Email: larry.parker@westbridge.com

Jeremy Kenkel — No. Inland CA, OR
Email: jeremy.kenkel@westbridge.com

Shaun Lough — Pacific Northwest
Mobile: (509) 669-7600
Email: shaun.lough@westbridge.com

Jon Martin — Coastal California
Mobile: (707) 321-4988
Email: jon.martin@westbridge.com

Heather Palmer — SJV, So. CA, AZ
Mobile: (949) 429-9944
Email: heather.palmer@westbridge.com