DPR Approves Addition of Walnut Blight to the Blossom Protect™ Label

blossom protect Westbridge Agricultural Products announced today that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) has approved the use of Blossom Protect™ as a biofungicide in the prevention of walnut blight in walnuts. Blossom Protect™, initially EPA approved for use in the prevention of fire blight in pome fruit, has been commercially used by growers since 2012.

Registration in California gives walnut growers a new tool for the prevention of walnut blight, which is a plant disease caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas arbicola pv. juglandis. Walnut Blight can be responsible for significant losses and can negatively impact nut quality. Blossom Protect’s mode of action is competitive exclusion. It contains highly competitive microorganisms which out-compete the walnut blight pathogen for space and nutrients, in essence blocking the site of walnut blight infection.

In university trials, Blossom Protect™ has shown excellent control in preventing walnut blight, when used alone or as a tool with other products in a program of Integrated Pest Management. Because Blossom Protect acts as a competitive antagonist and does not directly affect the metabolism of the pathogen, there is no risk of developing resistance, even with frequent applications. Blossom Protect™ leaves no chemical residue, is safe for humans and animals, and is harmless to bees and beneficial insects.

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